Younger Buyers Drawn to Ford’s Sporty Offerings While Market Moves to SUVs

Ford dealership locations have been reporting increased sales of their sportier offerings, and say that most of those sales are being purchased by a younger demographic than those purchasing the standard versions of the same cars. Ford’s new, technologically advanced, and wide range of high-performance sport-tuned vehicles, outfitted with new EcoBoost engines, are attracting more affluent young buyers looking for the perfect mix of power, style, and economy.

The Ford Fiesta ST, Focus ST, Focus RS, and Fusion Sport are, on average, being purchased by buyers who are three to ten years younger than those purchasing the base and luxury-oriented trim levels of the Ford Fiesta, Focus, and Fusion.

The Ford Fiesta ST

This is especially noticeable with the Ford Fiesta ST and Focus ST, as the average age of a buyer for the Fiesta ST is 35 years old, compared to 45 years old for a buyer of the base model, and 36 years versus 46 years for the Focus ST and standard Focus.

During the first three months of 2017, Ford experienced a 45 percent increase in the sales of their sport-oriented trim levels, even as automobile sales are declining nationally and SUVs are grabbing up an outsized share of the market that’s left.

This is great news for Ford, as attracting younger customers means there is more return from turning them into repeat customers, due to the comparatively larger number of vehicle purchases they have left to make over their lifespan.

The average Ford Fiesta ST buyer has a household income of $102,000 yearly, whereas buyers of the base model have an average income of $59,000. Similarly, the Focus ST and Focus RS buyers have incomes of $108,000 and $169,000, respectively.

Ford Fusion Sport

This turn of events is an interesting development, given that most new vehicle sales are going to fuel-efficient crossovers and SUVs. For example, the Toyota RAV4, Honda CR-V, and Nissan Rogue have all been increasing their sales numbers every month compared to last year.2 Ford’s performance-oriented hatchbacks are their best-selling car, and the EcoBoost engine seems to appeal to younger demographics across the board. The EcoBoost engine outfitted version of the Ford Mustang, for example, has a buyer that is, on average, three years younger than those purchasing the V6 or GT V8 trim levels of the Ford Mustang.

Ford credits its success with the style and versatility of hatchbacks being highly sought-after features by millennials, as well as their appreciation of the greater power and fuel economy delivered by their EcoBoost line of engines. As nearly half of all car purchases are made by repeat customers, Ford is well-positioned to continue this success moving forward.

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