Top Reasons to Buy a Ford

There are many people across this great land of ours who simply love Ford. It would never cross their minds to buy a different brand of car. Whether they bought their first Ford pickup or Mustang decades ago and simply never veered from that course or they purchased their first Ford a year ago from an Indianapolis Ford dealership, the fact is they love Ford vehicles and brand loyalty is a very real thing. So, what makes Ford fans such loyal drivers and why should you buy a Ford?

Ford Gives Back

Ford has a long history of caring about family and giving back to the community. There are many programs and scholarships funded by Ford Motor Company in various places around the country. It’s always good to support a company that supports the community where you live. From donating vehicles to veteran programs to providing jobs that keep food on the table, Ford is deeply involved in communities around the country.  A large corporation that does nothing for the community is not the choice for most American consumers, which is why so many drivers choose Ford.

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Proven Track Record

Ford has been among the top-selling vehicles in the world since the company was formed. Over the years the vehicles and technology have improved at a fast pace. There is a reason for this, and that is because Ford offers a huge variety of vehicles that are reliable, well-made products and the company also stands behind their products.

This car manufacturer has proven time and time again that their vehicles live up to the Ford name and reputation, which is why people love their Fords so much.  Mention a Mustang to a die-hard Ford lover, and you’ll get the lowdown on every model upgrade through the years, what they liked and didn’t like, and why they would still choose the American classic muscle car over any other.

Eco-Friendly Advancements

Ford is way ahead of the curve when it comes to producing green vehicles. With Eco-Boost, hybrid, and electric vehicles, there are many options for eco-friendly cars. The real surprise is green design in Ford trucks. Pickup trucks are generally gas guzzlers that are heavy and loud—not so great for the environment but new Ford trucks have adapted several features to make them more eco-friendly. The better a vehicle is for our planet, the longer we’ll have a planet to enjoy.

EcoBoost Challenge

Increased Value

In comparison to other vehicles, the Ford lineup is more affordable. This is not just a price point difference. Ford vehicles are also less expensive to maintain, provide better gas mileage or fuel efficiency, and stay on the road longer than many other manufacturers’ vehicles. You even save money insuring your Ford vehicle, thanks to their commitment to safety features and the high ratings of their vehicles.

Whether you’re a lifelong Ford family member or just looking into a new vehicle, visit an Indianapolis Ford dealership like Community Ford in Mooresville today and test drive the newest vehicles in the Ford lineup. You’ll see why so many people are “Ford people” and why there are several generations of families who have never driven anything but a Ford.