The Ford Mustang GT: One of the Great American Sports Cars Conquers the World

When you think of classic American muscle, there’s one name that is sure to come up: the Ford Mustang. Whether you like the older models or the new releases, there’s a good chance that if you enjoy speed, style, and cachet, then you’ve got a place in your heart for a Mustang.

Ford Mustang GT

Ford dealership locations all over the U.S. have long been a Mecca for muscle car enthusiasts. That isn’t going to change in the near future, mostly because the best dealers know how to latch on to classics like the Mustang to achieve great results. Those same results show that the Ford Mustang GT has been the top-selling sports car in the U.S., for a while, on dealership lots all across the country. Ford can now even boast that it’s the top-selling sports car in the world, thanks to years of innovation and expansion into international markets in 2015.

By the Numbers

When the Mustang GT was introduced internationally in 2015, it took a few months for the American sports car market to warm up to it. By 2016, drivers navigated more than 105,000 Mustangs off the lots. Global sales were 6 percent higher than the year before, in one fell swoop.

Let’s break it down.

Of those 150,000 Mustangs sold in 2016, nearly 45,000 were sold outside the United States. Seems that everyone likes to “let that pony run,” not just Americans! The rest were sold right here on home soil.

Mark Schaller of Ford Mustang marketing said, “We continue to make it available in new markets, and drivers in those markets continue to respond with resounding approval.”

Mustang Has Historically Been a Top Seller

Since the debut of the Ford Mustang in 1964, this sweet car has been an iconic vehicle. From street racing to cruising in the Mustang, it has been a tangible status symbol that has been not only top of the market but which has remained affordable throughout its long life.

It isn’t like the Mustang hasn’t improved over the years, either, as new technologies made it better than ever each progressive year. Ford continues the evolution of the ‘Stang with upgrades and performance boosts year after year.

Newer Models

Ford’s revamped the Mustang greatly over recent years. A retro body style that features all that is good old apple-pie-style Americana comes forth in the redesign, calling on nostalgia and better times.

Despite the older style, everything under the hood of this updated Mustang is completely up to date. The newest Pony car is made to carve corners, hang tight to the road, and give drivers the Mustang’s roaring purr. Suspension, wheels, brakes, and horsepower have also improved, and Ford continues to upgrade them on the newer Mustangs.

Ford dealership Mooresville

Whether you have a need for speed or simply want to cruise around, you’ll love the new Mustang GT. It’s an easy choice for both classic-lovers and newfangled tech junkies alike. Yes, there are lots of tech options and modern aspects built into each one, but, really, when you’re driving a ‘Stang, what you need most is performance, a loud stereo, and the ability to make it purr like the sports car it really is.

If you’ve never been bitten by the muscle car bug, what are you waiting for? Pop by your nearest Ford dealership today. Community Ford can help you discover what’s so sensational about the Mustang and why it has so many fans. From storied “muscle cars” to new hybrids, we make car ownership fun! Stop by today for a test drive.