The Rumors Are True! Ford Is Bringing Back the Bronco and Ranger

New options at the Ford dealers in Indy

As is the case with any presidential election, the recent one has brought with it a lot of rumors and accusations. During the fact-checking process following Donald Trump’s attack on Ford, some exciting facts about Ford’s plans for the future came to light. It turns out the rumors that long-time fans of the Bronco and the Ranger heard really are true.

These two fan favorites will be showing up at the Ford dealership in Indianapolis in the 2020 lineup. It turns out that production of the Ford Focus and C-Max will, indeed, be shifted to Mexico, but it is so the plant can be used for the production of these two vehicles.

Ford Bronco and Ranger

There are some pretty obvious reasons why Ford wouldn’t want to bring back some of their older model vehicles today. While many had their place in the evolution of the car industry, updating them to include today’s technology and modern features would be too far from the original to make it a realistic goal. The same cannot be said for the Ford Ranger and Ford Bronco!

Although there are only guesses as to the details of each of these vehicles at this point, there are several audiences of potential buyers who are already looking forward to the opportunity to drive one of the reinvented models. This includes former Bronco and Ranger owners who already liked what the vehicles brought to the table, and those who are loyal to the Ford brand and want another option to choose from when they buy their next Ford in Indianapolis.

The Success of the Ford Truck

Ford has had a great deal of success with pickups, especially with the F150, which has been the top-selling truck for more than thirty years! The company expects the new Ranger to add to this success, with a midsize model that will probably include all of the bells and whistles, such as adaptive cruise, parking assistance, and the most advanced electronics. The truck will probably be a choice for drivers of all ages and types, including those who simply prefer the feeling of driving a pickup over that of a car.

The Bronco

The 2020 Bronco will be the 6th generation of the vehicle, and it brings a lot less certainty of what to expect with the new release. The last generation ended in 1996, with the SUV being based on the F150. It will be interesting to see if Ford leaves some of the vintage touches or introduces a completely new design.

Since both of the new vehicles will be made at the Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne, Michigan, fans can be even prouder of their choice to drive one of the new models when it finally arrives. Whatever the features and style of the new Ford Bronco and Ford Ranger turn out to be, drivers can count on the same great quality and reliability that have been creating loyal Ford drivers since the production of the first Ford pickup truck in 1925.

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