The Power of SYNC 3 plus Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

SYNC 3 on its own has enough features to make any driver happy. Paired with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, Indianapolis Ford drivers go from feeling like they are behind the wheel of a car or truck to being in a personal command center. Driving just got a whole lot easier, safer, and more convenient, thanks to the power of technology and electronics.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto


SYNC 3 technology relies on a colored touchscreen in the center console. Drivers can use real world voice commands to direct the system and receive responses from it using features like Simple Destination Entry. The new swipe feature makes this technology easy to use so drivers can focus on the road instead of the control panel. This technology pairs with Apple CarPlay as well as Android Auto so you can personalize the experience depending on your preferred operating system.

Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay lets drivers use Siri as a means by which to operate the control panel and use features like iTunes and Maps without having to look at the screen at all. When you connect your iPhone 5 or newer model with SYNC 3, it’s like being at home because you have all the features you rely on without having to learn new technology.

CarPlay is designed for driving situations, making it easy to use apps without putting yourself in danger. It also connects with all the elements of the vehicle so you can use it instead of knobs, buttons, or even the touchscreen. You can also connect your third party apps and do things like send messages. The difference is that you don’t have to type them. Instead, your messages are dictated and heard by you rather than read by you.

Android Auto

Android lovers won’t be disappointed, either. Like Apple CarPlay, Android Auto “syncs” with SYNC 3 to offer a safer, easier way to get things done while you’re on the road. Android users who have Lollipop (5.0) and newer systems will find that they can use all of the features from their phone on the touchscreen in their car or truck.

Android is all about the safety, so it’s easy to get the information you need when you need it. Anyone who texts and uses GPS knows how harrowing it can be to get the directions you need when you need them while also accessing important messages. Android Auto uses a “card” system to do this for you. In the middle of an important message, but you have a turn coming up that you can’t miss? No worries! Android Auto will put the directions in front of the text when you need them so you never miss a turn or an important communication.

Between SYNC 3, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto, the roads are safer than ever. It isn’t just about hands-free communication, either. You can control functions of the car itself with these features. When you are ready to step into the next generation of transportation, visit your local Indianapolis Community Ford dealer to learn about your technological options.

Android Auto