New Ford Models Will Have More Features for Your Region

When you think of Ford, you typically think American. Until recently, so did the Ford Motor Company. Despite having factories in other countries there was typically “One Ford.”  In fact, it was known as the One Ford Policy to introduce Ford vehicles into other countries and regions without making adaptations.

Indianapolis Ford dealers and all members of the Ford family have been informed that the “One Ford” policy isn’t being abandoned, but that new models of Ford vehicles will have features that are tailored to the region where they will be sold and driven. This means that the Ford Mustang available in Europe will be more designed for European driving. While this may not change many things for American drivers, it will provide a more well-rounded vehicle for drivers in other regions.

New Ford Models

One Ford Policy

The “One Ford” idea made it possible to introduce the all-American Ford Mustang globally and to bring the Ford Fiesta to the U.S. and the Brazilian EcoSport to be launched in Europe. This strategy helped the Ford Motor Company improve its financial health after the 2008 financial crisis. It also introduced the Ford family to drivers around the world.

However, there were some drawbacks. Consider that the Europeans who bought Mustangs had to adapt to or convert miles to kilometers when gauging their speed, electronics inside the Mustang were based on American wiring, and other options and features were also designed for American driving. The same is true for other regions around the world; while Americans enjoy one aspect of a vehicle, it may not be as wonderful for drivers in another region.


Some of the adaptations to consider with region friendly features are that some vehicles will be more affordable based on the features implemented by region. For example, the Ford Focus for the U.S. may have less sophisticated suspension because the need for driving dynamics is less important in this market for the base level price point. According to Ford’s global design chief Moray Callum, “For Ford, it means cars that are fun to drive and great to look at. We won’t change it dramatically; it will just evolve.”

As Ford models are adapted and created for each region, there will be an increase in model differences even within the same line and model year. Where the U.S. has already been dealing with the introduction of hybrid vehicles along with traditional Ford models, now there will be more options in some areas and less in others.

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Industry insiders think that this change in Ford policy will increase sales and consumer satisfaction throughout the various regions. This will also introduce Ford models from Europe and other countries to the U.S. as well. More variety, more options, and more great Ford vehicles; what’s not to love about that?

If you’re interested in checking out some of the newest Ford models, visit Ford dealerships in Indianapolis or your local dealerships. Knowledgeable representatives of Ford will answer your questions, help you choose your options, and let you test drive until you find your ideal vehicle.