Why Are Millennials Buying the 2016 Ford Explorer?

The Ford Explorer has for a long time been a popular selling model at Ford dealers like Community Ford in Indianapolis. As the vehicle has evolved over the years, it has attracted a new market segment: Millennials. In fact, this generation has been one of the driving factors behind the recent surge in popularity for more SUVs and crossover SUVs.

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While Millennials are sometimes referred to as the most understood generation, they cannot be overlooked. Ignoring the needs of Millennials is a big mistake for car manufacturers. However, Ford has invested heavily in listening to the feedback of what people desire in their vehicles, as well as safety features and ratings. Ford uses this information to enhance current vehicle lines and develop new vehicles, too.

This has allowed Ford to enhance features and options found in its vehicles. In regards to safety features, Ford monitors ratings from the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) and the IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety). They use the current model year’s ratings to identify potential areas where a vehicle needs improving and implements steps to address these areas and strive for the highest safety ratings.

SUVs, like the 2016 Explorer offer a wide range of features and options. Plus, the vehicle’s design provides for flexibility to provide continue benefits to address a wide range of needs Millennials have, such as being able to haul large amounts of boxes, small- and medium-sized furniture, and other such items.

In addition, the vehicle offers plenty of seating room to accommodate several passengers, as well as ample room when Millennials start a family.

Initially, Ford and other automakers were worried about future vehicle sales, as Millennials started to age, and whether they would end up leasing or purchasing a vehicle. Many Millennials in their twenties have forgone purchasing vehicles and obtaining driver licenses. However, as they get older, their needs change, and they find they need a vehicle and a driver’s license.

Ford was surprised when it conducted a recent survey of Millennials who had purchased vehicles, only to discover the majority of them had opted for the larger Ford Explorer over the Escape and other brands on the market.

One reason for this was due to Millennials starting to migrate to the suburbs and begin families and want a high quality and dependable vehicle. As they move away from city centers, they are finding it more difficult to take care of their household needs without a vehicle.

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The age group of Millennials purchasing Ford Explorers ranges from twenty-five to thirty-five. While this group has helped make the Explorers a hit, they are not the only generation who prefer the Explorer. The other generation that has been buying Explorers in record numbers are Baby Boomers. As Boomers are getting older now, they have grandchildren and great grandchildren and need a safe and reliable vehicle.

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