Hybrid F-150s, Mustangs to Debut In 2020

Two of Ford’s most iconic vehicles will soon go green, offering hybrid versions with better fuel economy and lower emissions without sacrificing power and performance.

Hybrid mustang

Ford recently announced that by 2020 it will release hybrid gasoline/electric versions of its Mustang sports car and F-150 pickup truck. The news about the hybrid Mustang and F-150 was part of a broader announcement concerning a major investment by Ford in electric and hybrid vehicles. The Detroit automaker intends to invest $4.5 billion in hybrids and electric automobiles and has jettisoned plans to build a new manufacturing facility in Mexico. Instead, Ford will add 700 stateside jobs to its workforce.

Hybrid technology has not taken off in the performance market or in trucks because hybrids have historically offered less horsepower than traditional gasoline engines. Ford says that the hybrid Mustang will offer horsepower comparable to its current V8 gas engine model.  The hybrid version of the Ford F-150 will be able to act as a portable generator, a feature that contractors and other construction industry pros are likely to be intrigued by.

Ford’s Innovation on Display

The upcoming hybrid version of the F-150 isn’t the first gamble that Ford has taken with the popular truck line. Ford recently introduced an aluminum body for the F-150. The lighter body allowed the F-150 to get improved fuel economy, but some traditionalists were concerned that the aluminum body would be less durable than steel body pickups. The gamble paid off for Ford, as the aluminum body F-150 met or exceeded its predecessor’s performance on government safety tests.

The F-150 and Ford Mustang are two of Ford’s most recognizable brands. The Mustang has a long and cherished history among automobile enthusiasts, and the F-150 has been the top-selling pickup truck in the world for decades. Taking these vehicles hybrid shows Ford’s commitment to improving fuel economy and reducing carbon emissions, important goals for the environmental movement.

In addition to the F-150 and Mustang hybrids, Ford also plans to build hybrid vehicles for police departments. Ford is currently one of the leading suppliers of police vehicles, selling Ford Taurus sedans and Ford Explorer SUVs to departments around the country. Hybrid versions of police vehicles capable of delivering the same performance would be a financial blessing to many law enforcement agencies, as it would allow significant savings on fuel costs.

F-150 pickup truck

The hybrids will be manufactured at Ford’s Flat Rock plant.

Right now, hybrid and electric vehicle sales have been hurt by low gas prices, but many experts are predicting a spike in gasoline prices within the next year or so. Ford executives believe that within 15 years, hybrids and electrics will outsell traditional gasoline-powered vehicles.

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