Ford Sets a New Standard for Vehicle Entertainment Centers

Anyone who pays the least bit of attention to automobile technology knows that in-vehicle entertainment centers have changed a lot in the last few years. What used to consist of just a radio and a CD player has now expanded to include advanced graphical displays, Wi-Fi hotspots, inter-device connectivity, and a whole lot of other impressive pieces of technology that would have been completely absent from the driving experience not too long ago.

In order to make a serious step forward from the current status quo, a car company would have to introduce some completely groundbreaking changes to their entertainment centers. That’s just what Ford has done with the recently announced update of its entertainment centers for 2018 vehicles, which will feature many exciting advancements and new technologies compared to previous vehicles.

Vehicle Entertainment Centers

Live TV in 2018 Ford Vehicles

Perhaps the biggest advancement for some upcoming 2018 Ford vehicles is the ability to watch live TV. In particular, the 2018 Ford Expedition will include SlingPlayer, which will be integrated with the vehicle’s dual-headrest rear seat entertainment system to allow passengers to stream live cable or satellite television.

By connecting to the customer’s SlingBox account, SlingPlayer will be able to use their account even when they are away from home. According to Ford, the ability to watch live TV from an in-vehicle entertainment center is an industry first, making them the first company to give their customers this exciting feature.

Expanded Wi-Fi Connectivity

Given the prevalence of streaming services for consuming television content, it’s safe to say that many Ford drivers and passengers won’t have a cable or satellite TV subscription to use with their 2018 Expedition. These people shouldn’t despair, however—Ford’s updated entertainment centers for 2018 have options for them, too.

In particular, the Expedition will expand the capability of its in-vehicle Wi-Fi hotspots, giving them the ability to support up to 10 devices at once, even as far away from the vehicle as 50 feet.

B&O PLAY Premium Auto System

entertainment center features

Another great update to both the 2018 Expedition and the 2018 EcoSport will be their enhancement with the Ford-exclusive B&O PLAY Premium Audio System by HARMAN. The version included with the Expedition will feature a 12-speaker system, while the EcoSport will feature a 10-speaker system for what the company calls a “transformative listening experience.”

The features listed above are only the start of the exciting capabilities of the entertainment centers to be included in upcoming Ford vehicles. Others include stream-friendly technology including Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, SiriusXM radio; an 8-inch touchscreen; USB ports; and power outlets for connecting and charging their many devices.

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