Ford Scores Best J.D. Power and Associates Ranking in Company History for 2017

When it comes to measuring the quality of cars and trucks, J.D. Power and Associate’s annual J.D. Power Initial Quality Study is one of the most trusted and valued sources there is. Every year, the marketing agency releases a comprehensive ranking of new cars, trucks, and SUVs from every major automaker.

2017 Ford J.D. Power rankings

While there are plenty of places you can look for ranks and grades assigned to the year’s cars and trucks, few are taken as seriously as this one. This year, Ford’s vehicles earned the highest scores they have in their entire history[i] and became the second-highest ranked non-premium brand on the list. Needless to say, that’s a big deal, and one of the best indications possible of the quality of Ford’s most recent crop of cars, trucks, and SUVs.

Here’s our Ford dealership Indianapolis team’s take on the study, Ford’s outstanding placement, and what it means.

How the Initial Quality Study Works

At the beginning of its press release for this year’s Initial Quality Study, J.D. Power made sure to mention that their findings showed new vehicle quality was at its highest level ever across the board, with a remarkable 8% boost over last year’s numbers. Of the 33 brands that took part in the study, 27 saw quality improve.[ii] As much as we’d like to say that Ford alone is improving at an astounding rate, that’s not the case: According to J.D. Power, vehicle quality across the entire auto industry is rising. Obviously, that’s a good thing for consumers everywhere.

J.D. Power’s Initial Quality Study ranks vehicles by measuring “the number of problems experienced per 100 vehicles (PP100) during the first 90 days of ownership.” The lower the numerical value of a score, the fewer problems it has. Compared to the 2016 study, seven of the eight categories of vehicle showed overall higher quality.

How Ford’s Vehicles Performed

For the purposes of this study, “Ford vehicles” includes cars, trucks, and SUVs labeled with both the Ford and Lincoln brands.

Overall, Ford vehicles scored an average PP100 of 86, putting it fourth highest overall and second highest among non-premium brands; for regular consumer brands, only Kia scored higher. In addition to the high aggregate score, Ford vehicles also did well in their individual categories. In particular, the Ford Expedition and the Ford Mustang won the best-in-segment awards for their particular classifications.

This is the highest that Ford has ever scored on the IQS, in the 31 years the study has been held, and a notable improvement over the company’s rankings in the last few years. Last year, Ford placed 11th overall on the list, with a PP100 score of 102. Ford has said that it is placing a renewed focus on quality, and these scores show that this investment in time, energy, and manpower is paying off.

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