Ford Rolling Out New Smart Parking Technology for 2017 Fusion

With all the new automated driving features being introduced by Ford, it may be a bit overwhelming to think of all the things your car can do for you—or without you. Indianapolis Ford dealers are excited by the newest smart parking technology being introduced on the 2017 Ford Fusion. This new feature is not so much a driver assist as a safety assist.

Ford already has several features available on their cars like auto-braking technology, lane change alerts, and adaptive cruise control. This new feature just helps provide a more complete technology package to keep drivers safe on the road and while parked.

Smart Parking Technology

Hustle and Bustle

Have you ever been in a hurry to get out of the car, and forgot to put it in park? This happens to all of us at one time or another. This is also very dangerous. Your car could continue rolling and hit a pedestrian, animal, another car, or a building, causing a great deal of expensive damage.

In this type of unfortunate event, you are definitely at fault because you did not properly park your car.

The new Return to Park driver assist feature on the 2017 Ford Fusion will prevent that from happening. No matter if you’re caught up in the hustle and bustle of life, running late for work or just popping into the store to grab a soda, your car will be parked safely and won’t go rolling off without you.

Intent to Exit

The Return to Park feature uses technology and sensors to “detect conditions that indicate the customer’s intent to exit the vehicle.” Essentially, your car will decide if you plan to get out of the car and will go into park without you doing anything.

So, what determines that you intend to exit the vehicle? If your driver side door opens and your seatbelt is unlatched while the Fusion is stationary, then the car will go into park automatically. If you turn the car off, it will also go into park. The rotary gear dial and sensors monitor the seatbelt, door latch, transmission, and shifter to make this function work properly.

There are precautions built in for those instances where you’re driving down the road and need to pop the door open to free your coat or when you are parking and need to open the door to view the lines.

In the overall scheme of driver assist technology, this may not seem like a big, important feature. But, when you consider just how easy it is to get caught up in something and hop out of the car without putting it in park, and the huge cost of causing an accident or damaging property due to that slip-up, then this is a pretty helpful option.

No matter how you feel about automated driving features, there are some safety aspects that can’t be overlooked. Sure, you may not want your car to drive without you, but going into park when you forget is a different story. Indianapolis Ford car dealerships have the 2017 Fusion with the Return to Park feature on their lots right now. Visit Community Ford today to take a test drive and check out the return to park feature.

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