Ford Performance Vehicles Buyers Can Take Advantage of Free Performance Classes

Most people who purchase Ford performance vehicles, like the Focus ST, Fiesta ST, Focus RS, F150 Raptor, and Mustang GT350 from their Mooresville Ford dealership, or other local authorized Ford dealers, never really get to truly appreciate the features Ford has incorporated into these vehicles. Sure, they look great and can turn heads as you drive past other people. Yet, many people just simply do not how to get the most out of their performance vehicle.

Ford Performance Racing School for 2017 Raptor Owners

Ford has changed all of that when it developed its Performance Driving and Racing School curriculum for buyers of Ford performance vehicles. Ford redeveloped its experiences back in 2013 with the release of the Mustang Boss 302. Since that time, it has expanded on the course offerings to include all of its current performance vehicles in production.

The goals and objectives of all Ford Performance Driving and Racing School classes are to teach owners how to become better drivers of their performance vehicles while being able to experience what their vehicles are capable of in a controlled and safe learning environment. Want to see how fast your Ford performance vehicle can move? It’s possible with one of these classes and scheduled track time.

The classes are complimentary to buyers of any of Ford’s performance vehicles. Each class is designed specific for each type of vehicle, so the materials covered and driving experiences can and do vary. The classes consist of a one-day session with schedule track time, classroom instruction, and meals all provided for free, although participants are responsible for their own transportation costs to get to the facility and hotel lodging.

Ford does offer a second day of classes for an additional fee. People interested in experiencing the Performance Driving and Racing School courses who do not own a Ford performance vehicle may also participate by paying the required registration fees for either a one-day or two-day experience.

Ford Performance Racing School for 2017 Raptor Owners

The courses are held at Ford’s Utah Motorsports Campus in Toole, Utah. In addition to the one-day and two-day driving and racing classes, Ford also offers a Race Licensing program option for people interested in earning a National Auto Sports Association (NASA) professional racing license. Keep in mind, this program does have its own registration process and associated fees.

The newest offering at the school is Ford’s Raptor Assault Program, which is a special driving and racing program created specifically for buyers of the Ford F-150 Raptor. Participants will experience extreme on-road and off-road driving conditions, including 30-degree side inclines and rock climbs!

Ford Performance Racing School for 2017 Raptor Owners

Ford even provides all of the vehicles for the driving and racing classes, so you do not have to worry about putting your newly purchased Ford performance vehicle through the rigorous paces you will experience.

To learn more about Ford’s Performance Driving and Racing School and vehicles that qualify for a free one-day class, please feel free to stop by Community Ford or call us at 317-831-2750 today!