Ford Mustang: From American Icon to Global Best Seller

The Ford Mustang has long been a best seller at the Ford dealership in Indianapolis and across the country. Now, the vehicle that appeals to drivers of all ages has reached a new milestone. Thanks to the surge in exports, the Mustang has become the 2016 top-selling sports car around the globe. The Ford Motor Company Media Center explains that global sales of the car are doubling each year, with an impressive 98,000 vehicles having been shipped to customers outside of the United States since 2015.

What Drivers Love About the Ford Mustang

Drivers in the U.S. are not likely to be surprised by the attention their favorite sports car is getting globally. After all, it has been the best-selling sports car in this country for the past fifty years. The iconic car was first introduced in 1965 and is in its sixth generation today. There have been multiple variations, including the Boss 351, Mach I and Mach II, Shelby, and GT, each with their own following.

Used Mustangs

To young drivers, the sleek looks and unique design of the vehicle are the most appealing features. For older drivers, memories of their original Mustang and the familiar shape and pony emblem have made it a popular choice for collectors and new buyers alike. When buyers shop for vehicles at the Ford dealership in Bloomington, there is no confusion about which models are Mustangs and those that are not.

Where Do They Go?

The car that America has loved for half of a century is now being sold in 140 countries and growing! The company reported big sales gains in China and Germany while also introducing it to a number of small nations.

In 2018, Ford plans to expand sales to Brazil, the Ivory Coast, and the Palau Islands. Once Ford realized that there were global enthusiasts out there who were willing to go to great lengths to get a Mustang, they made the decision to introduce the sports car to global markets. Now, it looks like everyone is getting what they had hoped for.

What to Expect from the 2018 Ford MustangFord dealership

The 2018 model is expected to arrive at Ford dealerships near you this fall, complete with new features. Some of the changes that you can expect include the introduction of a turbocharged 2.3-liter four-cylinder EcoBoost engine in place of the 3.7-liter V6 base engine option. Buyers still have the option for the 5.0-liter V8, but it has been reworked to create the most powerful GT of any previous model.

The V8 now includes a twin-disc clutch modulation, and both models retain a six-speed manual gearbox that has been upgraded for the turbo four. Another change on both engine models is the 10-speed automatic in place of the previous six-speed. These changes are expected to give drivers faster acceleration for better responsiveness and performance. Drivers can also look forward to faster shift times and an improved low-speed tip-in response.

For drivers that choose the optional Mustang Performance Package, the MagnaRide technology provides for an optimal driving experience. New shock absorbers also add to the comfort of the ride while the rear suspension, with cross-axis joint and innovative stabilizer bars, contributes to a faster response time and better handling.

Drivers around the world will have the chance to enjoy the newest version of the world’s best-selling sports car, potentially driving the sales numbers up even further. To learn more about our Ford Mustang inventory, call Community Ford at 317-831-2750.