Ford Makes Just the Right Tweaks for the 2017 Fusion

Ford hit upon a winning formula with its Fusion sedan, producing a reliable vehicle that’s fun to drive and easy on the eyes. The company knew it didn’t want to mess up a good thing with its 2017 Fusion model, but it also needed to make changes to keep the Fusion fresh.

The Detroit automaker threaded that needle with the new model, retaining the best of the 2016 Fusion while making needed updates.

2017 Fusion model

On the vehicle’s exterior, Ford made a few minor changes, adding a smaller, streamlined grille, merged air dam and fog light areas, and a large chrome strip to separate the taillights. The new changes are subtle but work to differentiate the new Focus from previous models.

With regard to performance, Ford improved fuel economy by making tweaks to the two EcoBoost engines available for the Fusion. Ford also added a new trim level with a 2.7 –liter, turbocharged V6 engine that produces 325 horsepower and 380 lb. ft. of torque, giving Focus owners who want a little more pep what they’ve been looking for.

Ford also made some adjustments that have made the Fusion much quieter on the road. Reviewers report enthusiasm for the changes, particularly the souped-up turbocharged version of the Fusion.

Inside the cabin, Ford made some tweaks to make the controls more user-friendly. The Fusion has a new rotary transmission shifter, which freed up room on the center console for larger cupholders, a storage bin, and an electronic parking brake control. The vehicle’s top trim level added some creature comforts, including more leather and wood trim.

Ford made some big improvements regarding technology for the 2017 model of the Fusion. Technology had been a source of complaint about earlier models, which did not have many bells and whistles.

Technophiles will be pleased with the new Fusion, as it offers plenty of great gadgets. A new SYNC3 touchscreen makes managing information and entertainment features easier than ever before. The new Fusion also offers Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, features that allow drivers to sync their smartphones with their vehicle to reduce instances of distracted driving.

Ford Fusion History

2017 model of the Fusion

The Ford Fusion hit the Latin American market in 2005 and replaced the Mondeo, and later came to the U.S. and Canada, where it supplanted the Taurus and Contour. The four-door mid-size sedan has become a solid performer for Ford and holds a strong position in its market segment.

Ford has been quite innovative with the Fusion, introducing hybrid and plug-in versions of the vehicle in the Fusion’s second design generation. The Fusion is currently produced at the Hermosillo Stamping & Assembly Plant in Sonora, Mexico.

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