The Ford F-Series: 40 Years as USA’s Best-Selling Truck

Can you think of any truck that is better known than the Ford F-series? There is a reason why the Ford F-series trucks are the first vehicle that comes to mind when many people think of a pickup truck. There have been enough F-series trucks sold to circle the Earth 3 times.

When the F-series was introduced in 1977, Indianapolis Ford dealers were among the many dealers across the U.S. that touted the benefits and features that have made this the top-selling U.S. truck for the last 40 years. There are many great trucks out there, but none with the history and reputation of the Ford F-series pickup truck.

Ford F-Series

A Bit of History Surrounding the Ford F-Series Pickup

When the F-series was introduced, pickup trucks were thought of as work and farm vehicles, but there was change on the horizon. After all, you can’t tailgate to a football game without a tailgate! The two-door bench-seat truck that was the first F-series had a large dash and a great deal of leg room, as well as a heavy-duty bed for hauling. Back then, the cargo may have been boxes, a pile of kids, or hay bales.

Evolution of Ford’s Line of Pickup Trucks

The F-series has evolved into a truck that is much more than just a work truck. It offers spacious 4-door cabs, heated leather seats, and lots of tech and luxury features. A man’s truck is like his signature. There are customizations, upgrades, and optional features straight from the manufacturer that make it possible for everyone to have a unique truck that meets their style and driving needs.


While the F-series has been the top-selling truck in the U.S. for 40 years, it has also been the best-selling vehicle of any kind for 35 years. Americans know what they like, and they love Ford trucks. The 2016 sales numbers for the F-series show that they aren’t slowing down. There were 820,799 F-series trucks that rolled off dealer lots in 2016 alone.

Ford Trucks Bring a Bit of Nostalgia for Many Americans

Many people have memories and stories that revolve around the F-series truck. Grandpa’s old green F-150 that they learned to drive in or the family heading off to a picnic with 15 kids crammed in the bed of the truck are just a few of the pleasant memories that Ford has provided. Back before seatbelt concerns, it was nothing to tell all the neighborhood kids to hop in the truck for a day at the lake.

Tailgating and watching fireworks from the back of a truck are common activities. As the country song by Kip Moore says, “There’s something about a truck.” And, for most Americans, that can be amended to say “There’s something about a Ford truck.”

City driver and country drivers have found that the safety features, great handling, and tech integrations in Ford F-series trucks make them just as suitable for commuting to work as checking fences on the farm. New and used F-series trucks are top sellers on Ford dealer lots, and many people refuse to purchase any other truck.

If you haven’t experienced a Ford F-150, or are in the market for a new truck, visit Indianapolis Ford dealer Community Ford to test drive your new ride today!

Ford F-150 truck