Ford F-Series #1 Best-Selling Vehicle in America

It isn’t hard to tell what makes the Ford F-series the number one best-selling vehicle in America, starting with Henry Ford’s concept of what the American people really wanted and deserved. Knowing that one or more Ford trucks are sold every minute in America leaves little doubt that Henry Ford created a quality product that doesn’t just stand the test of time, but just keeps getting better.

Below are just a few reasons why Indianapolis Ford dealers continue to sell the F-Series trucks in droves.

Ford F-Series

Henry Ford’s Ideals

Henry Ford was a revolutionary in the industrial world. He had a desire to make a quality vehicle, but he also wanted to make a profit through ingenuity and quality materials, rather than by taking advantage of his workers. For that reason, he developed the assembly line, a more efficient way of producing vehicles and earning profits by saving time and money—but that wasn’t his only idea.

Henry Ford had it in his head that if his own employees could not afford to purchase a product they made, he was doing something wrong. The assembly line allowed him to produce quality cars and trucks for an affordable price, so his employees could afford to buy what they were making. This set the foundation that streamlined the process, and allowed Ford to focus on developing more and better products, including the F-series that started with the F1 back in 1948.

Ford Tough

The “built Ford tough” slogan wasn’t just a collection of words, but an idea that the American men and women flocked to. They didn’t just want a truck to get from one point to another. They wanted something that could get the job done, no matter how tough it was. The Ford truck drivetrain became known as one of the toughest around. For an affordable price you didn’t just get transportation; you got a tool that was just as functional in the field as it was on the road.

Backyard Mechanics

When the assembly line was first created, people were still in the process of doing just about everything at home. They made their own clothes, grew their own food, and worked on their own equipment. The assembly line created a whole new concept. Rather than redesigning every element of every new vehicle, this process made it easy to simply upgrade as needed.

Using many of the same parts on different vehicles also meant that backyard mechanics were able to afford new parts and complete their own repairs. Though some may joke about always seeing Ford trucks getting work done on them, it’s not because they are faulty. It’s just that all the other vehicles are in specialized shops, because, generally speaking, Ford still makes it easy for people to do their own maintenance at home.

Today’s Ford Trucks

Today, the F-series offers more options than ever before. From the F-150 to dump trucks and flatbeds, there is no job that can’t be handled by a Ford truck. As for that drive train, it’s still the best in the industry. Stop in to your local Indianapolis Ford dealer today to see which Ford F-series meets your needs best.

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