Ford Dealers to Have a Leading Role in Mobility Push

Ford is already preparing to offer a different type of mobility services in the future. As the development of autonomous and electrified vehicles becomes a reality, the auto company is already planning their role in the transformation.

Ford expects to add 13 electrified vehicles to their lineup within five years, and a fully autonomous car for commercial use in 2021. The decision by the automaker is meant to change Ford’s image from being an automaker to that of a transportation solutions provider.

Indianapolis For dealers of the future

The first step in the image makeover came with a new TV ad that aired right before the SuperBowl on February 5. Another step in the process is to open a new demonstration center called FordHub for New York City residents and tourists. The company hopes to bring attention to their attempts to change their image.

The logic behind the transformation is that so many changes are expected to come in the near future, with the introduction of self-driving cars, an even greater emphasis on electric cars, and potential ride-sharing options. Ford also wants to help cities redesign their mass-transit networks, potentially with the use of autonomous vehicles. Another goal that Ford has in mind is to add jobs in the auto industry.

Ford SmartLink

Ford has introduced a SmartLink module that allows owners of 2010-2016 model Fords or Lincolns to retrofit their vehicles to bring modern technology to the older models. The 4G LTE-enabled device can be plugged into the OBD II port beneath the dash, giving the driver remote start, lock, and unlock, vehicle health and security, Wi-Fi access to as many as eight devices, and security and location alerts. This device allows some Ford car owners to transform older vehicles into connected ones.

Electric vehicle charging

According to predictions by Ford Company, the Indianapolis Ford dealers will play an even greater role as an auto and mobility company.  They might operate as charging stations for electrical autonomous shuttles or provide parking lots for providers of ride-sharing.

Ford already acquired Chariot, in 2016—an on-demand shuttle service located in San Francisco. Other areas of transformation are taking place in cities where there is a greater emphasis on saving energy and providing public transportation to people who don’t want the expense of buying a vehicle of their own.

Change is inevitable, as people’s transportation needs change and technology advances to meet those needs. While the services and responsibilities of the Ford dealer in Indianapolis may be different in 10, 20, or 30 years down the road, you can rest assured that every representative of the Ford brand is dedicated to providing the best-quality service and the most advanced products available.

Ford is already implementing changes that will help take drivers into the future. At the same time, we offer the new Ford vehicles with the most advanced technology to improve comfort, performance, and safety.

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