Ford Crushes All-Time Top-Seller List

Awards from car review organizations and critical acclaims are all fine and dandy, but the real crown in the automotive world is sales. An automaker’s sales represent the public’s true feelings concerning the quality of its products.

Ford Crushes

That’s why Ford’s presence on a list of the 25 best-selling automobiles of all time speaks so loudly concerning the great products that the Detroit automaker has been putting out year after year for the past century. Ford takes up six of the spots on the list, more than any other automaker. Ford’s quality products and the investment it makes in building brands and improving them through innovation over time helped Ford dominate this list, recently compiled by CheatSheet.

Here are the best-selling Fords of all time:

  • The Ford Mustang – Ford’s iconic pony car debuted in 1964 and has proven to be a reliable seller for the automaker. The Mustang has sold more than 9 million models over the past 50 years, and Ford has worked hard to keep the model current, frequently adding new innovations and technology to the vehicle.
  • The Ford Focus – The Focus was launched in Europe and later came to the American market. A practical, no-nonsense vehicle, the Focus has become popular with families and singles alike, thanks to its wide range of options, which include a basic economy version and souped-up models like the ST and RS. The Focus has sold more than 13 million vehicles.
  • The Ford Fiesta – Ford’s popular subcompact has been a strong seller worldwide for nearly 40 years. The Fiesta’s strongest market has historically been in Europe, where its small size and fuel efficiency make it ideal. Hot hatch versions of the Fiesta—Fiestas with performance features—look like they’ll be a winner in the states, however. Since 1976, the Fiesta has sold more than 15 million vehicles.
  • The Ford Model T – Ford’s original model remains one of its best sellers. Conservative estimates peg sales of the granddaddy of today’s modern vehicles at more than 15 million between 1908 and 1927.
  • The Ford Escort – The Escort was always more popular in Europe than the States, but, as compact cars gained more popularity after the gas crisis of the late 70s, Escorts carved out an impressive niche here, too. Worldwide, more than 18 million Escorts were sold between 1968 and the 1990s, when the Escort was supplanted by the Focus.

Best selling automobiles

  • The Ford F-Series – Ford trucks have led their market for nearly 40 years, based on the reputation for safety, reliability, and ruggedness the F-Series has gained over the years. Worldwide, more than 40 million F-Series pickups have been sold since 1948, and generations of families have embraced this popular line of automobiles.

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