Finally! Ford Releases Half of 10-Speed F-150 Stockpiled Trucks

The introduction of the new 10-speed F-150 has been slow in coming. According to Reuters, Joe Hinrichs, head of Ford in Americas, explained that the company just wanted to do extra testing and be sure that the new trucks were where they wanted them to be. After all, when it comes to trucks, Ford is used to producing winners!

F-150 at the Ford dealers in Indianapolis

2016 will be the 40th year in a row that the F-150 has been the #1-selling truck in the country. It is also the 35th year it has been the top-selling model of any kind. The release of the 10-speed trucks will bring about some improvements that are important to drivers and to the environment. The new models have a 3.5L six-cylinder engine combined with a 10-speed automatic gearbox that makes a 1 mpg difference in the previous models with six-speed transmissions.

Ford is also launching the new Raptor with the 10-speed transmission with both models expected to arrive at the Indianapolis Ford dealer by the end of this year when buyers often take advantage of holiday specials to purchase new vehicles.

Truck deals at the Indianapolis Ford dealer

December is a critical time for truck sales of all kinds and the time that experts advise buyers to shop for the best deals on any type of new vehicle. The Ford dealers in Indianapolis are ready to make way for next year’s vehicles, and the new F-150s are arriving at a critical time.

Why Buy?

The average driver knows little about how a transmission works and the difference between the traditional 6-speed and the new 10-speed models. Ford worked in collaboration with GM to come up with the new model, and Car and Driver reports that they will also be working on a nine-speed transverse automatic transmission for use in front-drive cars and crossovers.

For now, F-150 buyers have more than the 1 mpg in fuel savings to think about when considering upgrading to the new 10-speed. For those drivers who use their truck to haul loads, the tighter ratio between speeds means smoother operation when hauling. Also, the ninth and tenth gears are really close in ratio, which also helps when hauling large loads. While the payload and towing capacities remain the same at a maximum of 12,200 pounds, the truck does a better job of handling loads, especially when handling gear changes across various grades.

Gen2 3.5L EcoBoost V6

The EcoBoost is said to be the perfect complement to the new transmission, using two injectors per cylinders combined with engine management software that produces 375 hp, 470 lb/ft torque, at 3,500 rpm. Some experts believe that the fuel savings that result from the EcoBoost and the new transmission will exceed the 1 mpg promised.

Many of the features of the 2016 F-150 are being carried over into the new model so that dedicated drivers won’t even know the difference based on the appearance of the truck. The differences they can expect are a powerful drive, easy, smooth gear changes, and a little savings at the pump.

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