Driver Assist Technology Advances from Ford

How do you feel about autonomous driving? Some folks are thrilled with driver assistance technology, while others scoff and prefer to be in full control of their vehicle at all times. There are several new models of Ford vehicles that will offer some pretty advanced driver assist technologies; you will be able to find them at your local Indianapolis Ford dealerships and at Ford dealers across the country very soon.

Driver Assist Technology

Less Announcements, More Development

While Tesla is making headlines with the Autopilot technology, Ford has been quietly slogging away and adding driver-assist features to many of its vehicles. More Ford vehicles have driver assist features than any other manufacturer across the board. While these aren’t being touted as driverless cars, the features have been slowly added to make driving easier and safer.

The general consensus isn’t that Ford is taking away our control as drivers, but instead enhancing safety features and increasing our control of certain aspects of the driving experience. Ford advertisements may mention a few of these advancements, but there are several that don’t get mentioned.

Overall, until you get in one of these new vehicles and explore the driving experience, you can’t make a decision about whether driver assistance is something you like or not.

6 Completely New Technologies

There are 6 new driver assist technologies being implemented in Ford vehicles.

  • Cross-Traffic Alert has a braking technology that will reduce parking stress by detecting and alerting the driver if people or objects are behind the vehicle. If the driver does not respond to the alerts, the car will automatically apply the brakes to prevent an accident.
  • Evasive Steering Assist is a system that detects slow and stopped vehicles in front of the car and provides steering support to the driver if there isn’t enough room to avoid a collision by braking.
  • Wrong Way Alert will use a windshield camera and the navigation system to alert drivers if they are going the wrong way.
  • Spotlighting Technology uses an infrared camera to detect and warn drivers of pedestrians, animals, and bicyclists in order to prevent accidents.
  • Advanced Front Light System widens the headlight beam at intersections and roundabouts to provide more visibility and safety.
  • Traffic Jam Assist keeps drivers from weaving in and out of the lane or crossing lines while dealing with heavy traffic.

In and of themselves, these features can be viewed as safety features more than auto driving features. Just as you enjoy predictive text on your SmartPhone, you can utilize the driver assist features on a new Ford without giving up your driving control.

Whether you’re a fan of autonomous driving technology or not, it is easy to see that this is becoming a fact of life. Before too long it will be difficult to find a new vehicle that doesn’t have at least one driver assist feature.

To check out these new models of Ford vehicles and the variety of driver assist technologies, visit your local Indianapolis Ford dealerships and test drive one of the new 2017 Ford models today. You just may find that the features that make you a safer driver are pretty darn remarkable and that you don’t mind having help when you’re behind the wheel.

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