America’s Most Popular Truck Reducing Fuel Consumption Nationwide

The Ford F-150 is the most popular truck in America and, because there are so many on the road, changes in the F-150’s fuel economy have huge implications for nationwide gasoline consumption. New innovations have increased the F-150’s fuel economy, thus reducing overall gasoline use in the U.S.

2017 Ford F-150

Over the past few years, Ford has made significant strides in the fuel economy of its top-selling vehicle. About five years ago, the F-150 got just 16 or 17 miles per gallon. Now, F-150s are getting 20 to 21 mpg.

Because of the vast number of F-150s sold in the U.S., changes in that vehicle’s fuel economy can have a big impact on overall fuel consumption. Last year, Ford sold more than 820,000 F-150 trucks in the U.S. That’s close to 5 percent of all vehicles—about 17.5 million—sold in the U.S. in 2016.

Innovations Driving Increased Mileage

Ford has made many changes to its popular F-150 line of trucks to improve fuel economy in recent years. One of the most significant changes Ford has made has been switching to an aluminum body. Opting for aluminum over traditional steel body trucks has allowed Ford to reduce the weight of its F-150s, which reduces the workload for the vehicles’ engines.

Switching to aluminum bodies was a controversial decision—some critics thought aluminum bodies would not prove as safe and sturdy as steel. Crash tests proved otherwise.

Another critical improvement has been the introduction of Ford’s EcoBoost engines to the F-series of pickup trucks. The EcoBoost engine strives to provide performance similar to larger engines while achieving greater fuel efficiency and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

F-150’s fuel economy

The latest version of the EcoBoost engine has delivered greater torque and horsepower over the previous generation of EcoBoost engines and has improved fuel efficiency. While F-150s offer trucks with standard engines, the EcoBoost has become quite popular. About 60 percent of all F-150 sales are of models equipped with the fuel-efficient engines.

Ford has also improved fuel efficiency in its F-series by making improvements to the trucks’ transmissions. The 2017 Ford F-150 is equipped with a 10-speed automatic transmission.

Ford estimates that F-150 owners with EcoBoost models will reduce gas consumption by about 110 million gallons of gas over the next year—an impressive figure.

F-150 History

The Ford F-series of pickups debuted in 1948. The F-150 hit the market in 1975. The medium-sized pickup quickly became popular and led the F-series to its dominance over the truck market. F-series pickups, led by the F-150, are the world’s most popular trucks.

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