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F-150 at the Ford dealers in Indianapolis

Finally! Ford Releases Half of 10-Speed F-150 Stockpiled Trucks

The introduction of the new 10-speed F-150 has been slow in coming. According to Reuters, Joe Hinrichs, head of Ford in Americas, explained that the company just wanted to do extra testing and be sure that the new trucks were where they wanted them to be. After all, when it comes to trucks, Ford is

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New options at the Ford dealers in Indy

The Rumors Are True! Ford Is Bringing Back the Bronco and Ranger

As is the case with any presidential election, the recent one has brought with it a lot of rumors and accusations. During the fact-checking process following Donald Trump’s attack on Ford, some exciting facts about Ford’s plans for the future came to light. It turns out the rumors that long-time fans of the Bronco and

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