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New Ford Models

New Ford Models Will Have More Features for Your Region

When you think of Ford, you typically think American. Until recently, so did the Ford Motor Company. Despite having factories in other countries there was typically “One Ford.”  In fact, it was known as the One Ford Policy to introduce Ford vehicles into other countries and regions without making adaptations. Indianapolis Ford dealers and all

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Ford Motor Company

Nine Past & Future Game-Changing Innovations for the Automobile Industry

Since the very first automobiles hit the unpaved streets of early 20th century America, the story of the automobile industry in this country has been one of continuous innovation and evolution. In 1903, Henry Ford sold 1,700 vehicles during its first year of business. By 1920, Ford Motor Company was producing nearly 1 million vehicles

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upgraded Fiesta

Details Trickling Out About Top Secret New Ford Fiesta

Ford has played it pretty close to the vest regarding its upcoming update of the Ford Fiesta. Slowly but surely, particulars concerning the seventh incarnation of the subcompact are beginning to emerge, stoking enthusiasm among Ford enthusiasts and Ford dealers alike. Some facts about the new subcompact automobile that automotive journalists feel confident are legit

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